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Break with sin and look to the future

Text: John 8: 21-30

Text verse: John 8:21

In this passage, four characteristics of someone who dies in sin are presented. The result is eternal death.

1. Self-righteousness (vs. 20-22).

The Jews’ own superiority was a major obstacle. Despite all Jesus’ warnings, they could not and would not acknowledge their own weakness.

2. To be of the world (vs. 22 & 24).

The Jews belong to this world. They are not like their ancestor Jacob who acknowledged that here on earth he is but a stranger and a sojourner. The here and now were their beginning and end.

3. Do not believe Jesus for who He is (vs. 24).

You must hold fast to the salvation of Jesus. This faith can be compared to the ark. It would not help that the people of Noah’s time knew about the ark but did not get in. Jesus is the ark and faith makes us climb into Him. Only He can save us.

4. To be intentionally uninformed (vs. 25).

They had the Word and Jesus interpreted the Word in such a way that many came to faith. Yet they resisted. In verse 25 they ask who He is while He has already told them clearly several times who He is (also see John 5: 30-47).

In verse 28 Jesus tells the Pharisees that one day they will know who He is. They will reject Him and hang Him on a cross and then they will come to the shocking realisation that they were the cause of Jesus being crucified. Jesus, the one they had to worship, was humiliated and rejected by them.

Our sin must also bring us to this shocking realisation. Therefore, we must leave two things behind and we must hold onto two things.

Confess you sin and leave it behind

When we see Jesus on the cross, we must not keep thinking that we are so superior. He had to die for us. Therefore, we must confess our sins and then do as Paul says: “Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead” (Phil. 3:13).

Leave your wilfulness behind

We must not deliberately cling to what we think is right and good. Our sin is the proof that we do not know what is good for us. However, Jesus knows what is good for us and the fact that He died for our sins is proof that we can trust Him. There is no greater wisdom and strength.

Hold on to eternal life

This world is subject to sin which means it is slowly dying. It is foolish to cling to the uncertainty of this life. That is why Jesus gives us a much more glorious future. Jesus overcomes death and gives us eternal life; a future where there will be no tears or sadness. A future we must cling to.

Keep the faith

We must see that only Jesus can give us this life. There is no other way we can get there. He is the ark that saves us from the floodwaters. We must cling to Him. We must climb into Him. He is the only way to eternal life.

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