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Don’t procrastinate ...

Text: John 12: 1-8

Text verse: John 12: 3

In this passage we deal with two of Jesus’ followers.

First, we look at Mary. She is dedicated and serves with devotion.

Since they were sitting on the ground at that time with their feet away from the table, it was possible for Mary to sit at Jesus’ feet while He sat at the table. In this act, Mary’s humble devotion and great love for Jesus become tangible.

Mary doesn’t think twice about using expensive oil to anoint Jesus’ feet. We are reminded that the oil could be sold for 300 silver coins – equal to the amount of money a general worker would get for an entire year!

What makes this anointing so special is the fact that the women who wanted to anoint Jesus’ body after his death, were too late (also see Mark 16: 1). So, Mary was the only woman who had the opportunity to anoint Jesus.

In contrast, we also have to do with Judas in this passage. Again, he pretends to be something he is not. Judas mentions that the expensive oil should have been sold so that the money could be given to the poor. It sounds noble, but John reveals his true motive: Judas did not really care for the poor, he was more worried about his own pocket. He was Jesus’ “treasurer” and possibly took some of the money for himself because he is described as a thief.

This pretence becomes further visible when Judas later delivers Jesus to the Jews for only 30 silver coins.

With these two divergent examples of Jesus’ followers, our devotion and love for our Lord is also examined. When our everyday actions contradict our beautiful and noble words, then our words lose all meaning. It becomes cheap and empty because the love for our lives, our own comfort and security comes first.

Just as Mary did not procrastinate, so too we should not wait for tomorrow. Today must be the day we dedicate our lives to Jesus. Make that call today, read your Bible today, give that love today because tomorrow may be too late.

Christ did not delay in anointing us with His blood. His sacrifice is remarkable. He goes out of his way to save us. It cost him not only 300 silver coins, but his life.

Just look at how humble Christ was. He, the Almighty, comes to earth and becomes man. He was humiliated and mocked. He gave His life to cleanse us with His precious blood. His love for us is unlimited and the better we understand it, the more we will live our lives in complete devotion to Him.

How does the money, security, or prosperity that we must sacrifice, compare to what He sacrificed to save us?

Don’t procrastinate, dedicate your life to Him today and remember Jesus’ words: “Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.” (Matt. 25:40)

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