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Our lives are part of God’s victory plan

Text: John 12: 12-19

Text verse: John 12:16

In verse 16 we see that the disciples only realised after the resurrection what was happening before their eyes. In the situation, it seemed like a confluence of circumstances or, as we often say, “coincidence”.

However, when they looked back later, they see and realise how Jesus led them in all of this to understand the true meaning of his mission on earth.

We also often experience something of this in our own lives. When we are in a situation, everything seems unplanned. It may even feel as if we have been left to our own devices. One moment we are riding the crest of the wave, and the next minute that same wave is pulling us under.

We also see something of that in this passage. Jesus is praised as the Messiah. For a moment it seems as if the people may understand who He is and give Him the honour He deserves, only to hear in the next moment, “Crucify Him, crucify Him”.

It is enough to make any person lose heart.

Perhaps we feel as if we have been left to our own devices. Our plans end in a dead end. Our health is threatened ...

These circumstances cause us to give up, panic, or start making more plans. Thus, our purposefulness, courage and perseverance are determined by our circumstances. When things go well, we are full of courage; but when things go wrong, our courage disappears.

Jesus does not lose heart, because He sees the whole picture. He understands God’s plan with Him. He realises that He is the Messiah and therefore the King, but He also knows that it is part of His task to lay down His life for the world.

As believers, our strength and perseverance lie in the fact that we realise that God is carrying out his plan of counsel day after day. He’s in charge. We are not left to our own devices here on earth.

Yes, just like the disciples, we do not always understand the purpose behind what is happening in our lives, but we know that our knowledge is small and limited. It is limited to the here and now. God’s plan with us is so much greater than we can pray or think.

Jesus also shows this to us by coming to us, sinful and unworthy people, to make us new. Through His blood, He makes us worthy to be children of God. He makes us part of God’s greater plan.

Does this also fill your heart with courage and strength? We are not left alone or to our own destiny. Our success is not determined by the bad things that happen in this life, because we are part of God’s redemption plan.

Jesus’ life, culminating in the low point of death and then breaking into a glorious glorification, gives us courage to persevere. It gives courage because our lives are part of a plan that leads to victory. In Christ we are part of it. Then our purpose, courage and perseverance are not determined by our circumstances, but by the success of the outcome already determined in Christ.

Our victory stands firm in Christ!

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