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Rejection that leads to eternal glory

Text: John 12: 37-50

Text verse: John 12:42

John mentions in this passage that there were some members of the Jewish council who came to faith in Jesus.

The sadness of their faith, was that they chose to remain silent about what they believed in. They kept silent because they were afraid that the Pharisees would banish them from the synagogue.

Therefore, they preferred to be honoured by men rather than by God (also see vs. 43). They did not dare to be rejected by the leaders and the people. As a result, they were not willing to openly confess their faith. The honour of men was more important to them than the honour they could receive from God.

The question we are confronted with in this passage is whether we are willing to openly confess what we believe despite people’s reactions.

It happens so easily that we prefer to cling to a position rather than stand up for the truth. Similarly, we may also be afraid that people will mock us or perhaps reject us for our views. That is why we do what people expect of us, even if it is wrong. We remain silent about injustices taking place before our very eyes.

This is also one of the big reasons we tell lies. Because the person may not think badly of me ... I may lose my job ... My relationship may end. We want to protect our own happiness instead of seeking God’s will.

Jesus teaches us here that what people think and say about us may never become more important than God’s glory. Peoples’ positions and opinions are temporary. We must rather strive to glorify God. Still, it is not an easy road to follow. It is a path that will sometimes be accompanied by suffering, humiliation and sacrifice, but it also leads to exaltation and glorification.

The power to walk this path with perseverance lies in verse 48. Through our faith in Jesus we have already been judged. Through Jesus’ death on the cross and our faith, we are worthy to receive salvation and eternal life. In it we receive the highest glory and exaltation.

It is in this glory that our strength lies. Power to prayerfully seek and ask for God’s will, because we no longer need to be accepted by people. We have already received the highest honour – to be children of God.

This salvation must change your life, otherwise it means that you do not yet understand the glory of Christ’s atoning sacrifice. In Christ we see that we can stop fighting for our own glory, because in Him we have someone who receives the highest honour for us on our behalf. Through His redemptive work, He shines His light on us (also see vs. 46) and thus He gives us true fulfilment and honour.

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