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When the Spirit bubbles from you like streams of living water ...

Text: John 7: 37-39

Focus: John 7:38

What is interesting in this passage, is the deep symbolism that emerges. The Jews had a tradition that on the seventh day of the Feast of Tabernacles, the High Priest would fill a golden bowl with water from the pool of Siloam. The bowl was then taken to the temple in a procession. At the temple entrance, three trumpets would sound and the people recited Isaiah 12: 3: “With joy you will draw water from the wells of salvation”.

The priests walked around the altar with the bowl of water while the choir sang the Hallel (Ps. 113-118). The water was then sacrificed to God. It was a symbol of the blessing they received from Him. He provided them with enough water for the grain harvest.

With this in mind, Jesus is now coming to the last day of the feast and calls out these words: “Let anyone who is thirsty come to me and drink.” (John 7:37).

The Fall left us with a great thirst; a thirst for something more, something bigger. What we had was taken away from us. Our relationship with the great and almighty God has been destroyed by our sin and brokenness. We are not worthy to go to Him.

The result is that we are searching. We seek for the joy, wealth, honour, power and glory we had before the Fall, but everywhere we go we are disappointed. Earthly riches are taken away from us in an instant. Illness destroys our health. Joy lasts for a short time only and then reality hits us again.

Depression, anxiety and suicide rates are proof of this pursuit for something more because the search always end up in disappointment. If we want to experience this fulfilment, we must listen carefully to Jesus’ invitation. It consists of three parts. Thirst, Come and Drink.


We must realise and acknowledge our own need. It’s like an alcoholic. Until he realises that he has a problem, the problem cannot be solved. We need to realise that our search for fulfilment, honour and power always end in a big mess. We need to realise that we need help. Help from outside of ourselves.


When you realise your need, you will know that you need to draw closer to Christ. Even this Jewish tradition cannot bring true fulfilment. It points to something bigger and better. In the same way, the power does not lie in our traditions. Only in Christ can we fulfil our deepest needs and therefore we must come to Him.


The way we drink is through the Word and Spirit. We need the Spirit to drink in the words so that we can understand them and change our lives. We need to pray, study the Bible, and worship with fellow believers ...

We drink when the Spirit begins to open our eyes to understand the glory of Jesus’ salvation. His love then changes our hearts and lives.

When we drink like this, fellowship with God is opened to us again. We begin to experience something of what we lost with the Fall. This love of God warms the believer’s heart so much that He cannot stop drinking from this water.

When the Spirit bubbles out of you like living water, you are filled with hope while no one around you has hope anymore. You are overwhelmed with peace as the storms rage around you. You will find your riches in Christ!

Drink from this fountain!

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